Steam Room

Steam Room, amid soothing clouds of steam in a special room finished in Plastic, Glass, Tiles or Marble to cope with the 100% humidity, at a low temperature of 40 – 45°C. The unique benefits of steam room have become increasingly popular in modern society. The physiology of perspiration includes how sweating helps rid the body of wastes, regulates body temperature, and invigorates our largest organ, the skin. The metabolic effects of a steam room, the positive influence of negative ions released by steam, and the more subtle spiritual and social benefits of the steam experience all contribute to a heightened sense of well-being. Medical studies show that frequent visits to the steam room helps reduce stress and keep your circulatory system running smooth.


Steam generator for steam rooms.
For domestic and commercial use.
Compact steam generator for steam rooms. Suitable for commercial and domestic use, innovative construction with internal placed heating
elements. Integrated automatic drainage and auto wash system.

Features and Advantages:

Acrylic Steam Room

Acrylic steam rooms are made of high-tech, best insulation, vacuum-formed special-grade white acrylic material for a rigid, steam-tight and heat resistant construction. Supplied in ready-to-assemble wall and roof sections and comfortable seating. Seats and benches are designed not only for leads condensation to floor drain, but gained optimum comfort and relaxationfor tired muscles, while the boldly arched lines of the domed ceiling prevents condensation from dripping on bathers.The door is made from tempered safety glass in a sturdy frame with handles of anodized aluminum. These luxurious steam rooms are a perfect complement to public bathing facilities inhotels, spas, fitness canters, and gyms.