Log Sauna

Traditional Sauna is prefabricated, with thermally insulated wall, ceiling and door, generously propor­tioned benches, removable timber flooring, perfect ventilation, relaxing lighting, hidden conduits in wall section for Sauna Stove, Control panel and heat sensor installation.
For decades, Traditional Log-Sauna has been the obvious choice for hotels, club houses, luxury condo­miniums, swimming baths, sports facilities and wellness centers.
Over the years, Saunas Builder has pioneered numerous innovations to improve and develop the func­tion, safety and enjoyment of sauna bathing. Our intense technical knowledge and work of craftsman­ship had earned us national recognition throughout Malaysia.

Standard Specification

Timber Wall
To supply and install pre-engineered timber panels that are built with selected Grade-A
Timber Bencher
To supply and install double tiers timber benches constructed
Timber Flooring
Removable slatted Scandinavian Pine.
Stainless Steel Heater
Made from superior quality stainless steel container with unique leak proof feature and run with high quality chrome steel elements that allow wet rock steam to create “loyly”: the moist heat in Finn term.
Light Fixture
To supply and install pre-engineered timber panels that are built with selected Grade-A
Timber Door
To supply and install insulated timber sauna door using Scandinavian Pine construction
Controls Panel
Complete set of heater controls including operation and pre-setting time designed.

Supply Of Saunas Accessories​

Sauna Timber Selection​

Finland Spruce

Finland Spruce is a softwood with uniform grain texture.
A durable wood that withstands heat well and is used
widely in saunas. Typically spruce wood has some
small knots.
Finland Spruce

Canadian Fragrance Cypress

Western Red Cedar wood is valued for its unique
appearance, aroma, and its high natural resistance
to decay. Highly recommended for house interiors
and saunas.
Canadian Fragrance Cypress

Door Design

Standard Door

Full Tempered Glass Door

Custom Made full Wooden Door

Optional Sauna Accessories

Light Design

Bench Design